Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this because I have an overly active Goodreads account and too much time on the weekends. I’ve also realized that I want to be able to share with everyone else the books that I have enjoyed, and hopefully by hearing my thoughts on something you can explore your own literary interests and pick up a book of your own. On that note, I’ll read pretty much anything, from fantasy, to sci-fi, young adult, classics, and contemporary fiction. I don’t really enjoy nonfiction or mystery too much, but I do consider them if they come highly recommended! Really, everything is fair game, and I hope to be able to post about a wide variety of stories, not just the ones I’m comfortable with.

I’ll really do my best to keep up with this blog. Some posts may be long, some may be short, most will be positive (the worst thing I could say about a story is that it was boring, but that doesn’t happen often). Ultimately, I just find that I’m always left with a lot of thoughts after I’ve finished a book, and I want this to be a fun outlet where I can write out my feelings about a book. For everyone following my blog, I hope you enjoy! And if you do end up reading something that I have read, I’d love to hear from you and talk about it!


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